Performance Heat Pumps is an Australian HVAC&R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration)business based in South Brisbane specialising in attending breakdowns, provision of scheduled and reactive mechanical maintenance covering all aspects of water heating with heat pumps for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Why choose Performance Heat Pumps

# Due to our long experience, we can prevent a wide range of technical faults

# Our technicians are fully qualified and licensed to perform any electrical, plumbing or refrigeration work at high standard of service

# Performance Heat Pumps offers you an adequate maintenance service of the system, carried out at regular times

# Our experience in the field of the Customer Service assures you a rapid solution for all your technical problems and contributes this way to your success

Member of AIRAH (Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heating) we strive to propagate our excellence in HVAC&R Industry, customer satisfaction being the first priority.

Performance Heat Pumps  grants a personalized range of services to the final customer and stays at your disposal. All technical services are carried out very quickly and as soon as possible,in a qualified and economic way.

heat pump repairs Brisbane

Our area of expertise:

  • Domestic/commercial hot water systems fitted with heat pump units
  • Domestic/residential swimming pool heat pumps & spa
  • Aquatic centres – plant rooms
  • Hotel/resorts swimming pools & spa
  • Residential/commercial air conditioning systems
  • Refrigeration work
  • Other applications of heat pumps (scientific, agricultural, research etc.)

We provide timely and quality response to any heat pump matters.

heat pump repairs Brisbane